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  • Fehu: Wealthy Possessions
  • √úruz: Aurochs
  • Thurisaz: Thorn, or giant
  • Ansuz: The Divine Word
  • Raitho: Chariot
  • Kaunaz: Openings, or Beacon
  • Gebo: Gift
  • Wunjo: Joy
  • Hagalaz: Hail
  • Nauthiz: Need, or Hardship
  • Isa: Ice
  • Jera: A Year, or a Good Harvest
  • Eihwaz: Yew Tree
  • Perth: Luck
  • Algiz: Elk, or Protection
  • Sowulo: Sun
  • Teiwaz: Tyr, or Creation
  • Berkana: Birch Tree
  • Ehwaz: Horses
  • Mannaz: Humanity
  • Laguz: Water
  • Inguz: Ing, or Fertility
  • Dagaz: Daylight
  • Othila: Ancestral Home, Wealth that Cannot be Sold

The Foundland: Characters

  • Vidon Methescular, a Writer, opinionated and infuriatingly good at what he does
  • Sere Fen, an Annotator, young and eager and in over her head

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